• IRS Security Summit: Member. We join in the efforts of this Federal organization to combat fraud.
  • National Cyber Security Council: Member.
  • National Cyber Security, Payroll Service Providers: Sub-Group Member.
  • IRS Preferred Payroll Tax Provider: We are an IRS-Preferred Processor.
  • IRS Bulk Filer: Recognized by the US Department of the Treasury as a Bulk Filer.
  • IRS Reporting Agent Forum: A Founding Member, we participate in weekly IRS updates and quarterly meetings in Washington, DC.
  • SOC1 Type II Audited & Insured
  • Fresno Business Council: Member.
  • IRS ACA Advisory Council: Member.
  • National Payroll Reporting Consortium (NPRC): Board Member actively representing over 1.7 Million employers in the Federal and State legislation process.
  • National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA): Member.
  • CALSAVERS: Advisor representing payroll service providers.
  • Independent Payroll Providers Association (IPPA): Board Member.
  • The Payroll Group (TPG): Founding Member.
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM): Member.
  • American Payroll Association (APA): Member.
  • Active in our Community: PPI Business Services is honored to support charitable causes that improve our communities.

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