Effectively collect, manage, and process time and labor data anywhere.

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Time and Attendance

Defensible time keeping systems are an effective way to significantly reduce your operating costs.
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Schedule your staff with functional automation that provides a seamless workflow with Payroll and TLM.
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Time-Off Requests

Cloud-based convenience allows managers to remain staffed, and allows for automated request procedures.
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Web & Mobile Applications

Track and monitor hours, departments, meals, breaks, policies anywhere for complete and accurate time cards.
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Physical Timeclocks

Biometric, badge-swipe, key pad – Whatever your needs, PPi has got you covered with any combination!
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GPS Tracking

Industry leading accuracy in providing mobile capabilities and precise employee location and punches.
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Department Transfers

Easily move, track and report labor allocation within your company.
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Easily define Geographical Boundaries of your mobile workforce.
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ACA Compliance

Our Single-Solution allows for accurate and complete data required for IRS Forms 1094 and 1095.
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TLM Reports & Analytics

Use our 300+ reports or create custom reports and dashboard analysis’ of your TLM data.

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