Our Single-Source technology enables you to accurately pay your team quickly and efficiently.

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PPi Common Account

Use PPi’s bank account for issuing live checks to your employees, and we will also provide check reconciliation.
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General Ledger Reporting

Save time and eliminate errors with our custom-built GL reports for import to your designated software.
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Easy, accurate and secure. Simple garnishment processes that manage your workforce’s needs.
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On-line Payroll Processing

Proven Cloud Technology gives you efficient, accurate, secure and easy payroll processing anywhere.
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Payroll Tax Filing

As a Preferred Bulk Filer with the IRS, trust our experts to file and maintain all appropriate payroll tax responsibilities.
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Expense Management

Coming soon!
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ACA Compliance

Our Single-Solution allows for accurate and complete data required for IRS Forms 1094 and 1095.
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Payroll Reporting & Analytics

Use our 300+ reports or create custom reports and dashboard analysis’ of your Payroll data.

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