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May 26, 2020
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August 10, 2020

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August 2020

What’s a Lock-in Letter?

What is a lock-in letter? When a lock-in rate may stop? What will happen if you don’t lock-in the withholding rate? Here’s the scenario: The IRS sends you Letter 2800C, WHC Lock-in Letter to Employer, when an employee didn’t have enough federal income withheld. The lock-in letter tells you to withhold at a specific rate from an employee’s wages. You’ll also receive the employee copy of the letter. You must give it to the employee within 10 business days, unless they don’t work for you anymore. If they return to work within 12 months of you receiving the letter, you should begin withholding income tax from the employee’s wages based on the withholding rate in the letter. Read more

“Dirty Dozen” tax scams for 2020: Americans urged to be vigilant to these threats during the pandemic and its aftermath.

The Internal Revenue Service announced its annual “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams with a special emphasis on aggressive and evolving schemes related to coronavirus tax relief, including Economic Impact Payments. Read More

No August 2020 Holiday Reporting Dates

Mobil Timekeeping 

Accurate and Convenient More employees are working remotely and on-the-go and employers need a reliable solution to accurately track their mobile employees. But beyond ensuring correct pay for time worked, labor laws have increased the pressure on accuracy of all employee time records. In addition to an increasing number of labor grievances, FLSA, FMLA and of course the Affordable Care Act are just a few regulations that demand precise labor records – even for your mobile employees. PPI’s mobile GO app is tailored to our product suite, giving employees and managers more access to the information they need, when they need it, without interrupting HR. Plus, the GO app is easy to learn, saving HR and payroll time and improving data accuracy. Reach out to a consultant to learn more.

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Employee Management and Payroll Training

Enjoy free online classes each week to hone your existing skills, and to learn useful tips that can make your workforce management process easier. The Employee Management/Payroll Training  classes are held weekly: Tuesdays at 10:30 AM (Pacific).

Human Resources

Learn how to track vital employee information with the Human Resource section. We offer a 1- hour class held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month at 10 AM (Pacific).

Time Basic Training 

Learn how to fix a time card(s), alert(s) and approve TO.The Time Basic training class is held monthly.  We offer a 1- hour class held on the last Thursday of the month at 10 AM (Pacific).

Take Control of Your Reports!

View your data the way you want to see it. We are offering a 1-hour Report Writer class held on the last Tuesday of the month at 10am (Pacific). Learn how to change your view of your Workforce Management data. Report Writer is a simple tool that can positively impact your processes. Once you pick up a few tips in class, it is even easier and more useful!

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