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April 1, 2019
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May 1, 2019

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California Safeguards For Workplace Violence Investigations
Clarifying The New California Anti-Harassment Training Requirements (SB 1343)
Modern Timekeeping Warning: California Court Rules That Employee’s Imprecise Evidence Is Better Than Employer’s Lack Of Records
NEW CASE: 9th Circuit Court Appeals Rules Federal And State Background Check Disclosure Forms Are Required In California
NEW CASE: Explaining Compensable Time In California
NEW CASE: Ignoring Employees’ Sexual Harassment Complaints Costs One Employer $11 Million
NEW CASE: Limits Wage And Hour Liability For Payroll Service Providers In California
NEW LAW: Daly City Minimum Wage To Increase To $15 By 2021
NEW LAW: Fremont, CA Minimum Wage To Increase To $15 By 2020
NEW LAW: Pasadena, CA Minimum Wage To Increase To $15 By 2020

NEW LAW: Maryland Minimum Wage To Increase To $15 By 2025
Contingent Commissions Agreements Are Not Required to Be Paid Upon Termination Under the Massachusetts Wage Act
NEW GUIDANCE: Massachusetts Department Of Family And Medical Leave Publishes Paid Family And Medical Leave Employer Guide And Mandatory Workplace Poster

NEW CASE: The Michigan Court Of Appeals Reinforces Zero-Tolerance Workplace Rules
NEW CASE: Minneapolis Minimum Wage Ordinance Upheld By Minnesota Court Of Appeals
NEW CASE: While Sexual Orientation Is NOT Protected, Missouri Supreme Court Holds Sex Stereotyping Violates Missouri Human Rights Act
New Jersey:
NEW CASE: New Jersey Federal Court Tests A Drug Testing Policy
NEW LAW: Important Changes To New Jersey Family Leave Act And The New Jersey Paid Family Leave Insurance Program
NEW LAW: Important Changes To New Jersey SAFE Act

New York:
Be In The Know: Sexual Harassment Training in New York And New York City
NOW AVAILABLE: NY City Online Anti-Sexual Harassment Training Program
NEW GUIDANCE: NY City Publishes Model Policy For NYC Lactation Room Law
NEW LAW: The Hair-Raising Adventures of Grooming Policies In New York City

NEW LAW: Cincinnati Passes Salary History Ban
NEW CASE: New Risk For Oregon Employers Encouraging Alcohol At After Work Gatherings
NEW LAW: Portland, Oregon Defends “Non-Believers”

NEW LAW: Philadelphia Passes Predictable Scheduling Law
NEW LAW: Pregnancy Accommodation Now Required For Pittsburgh Employees And Partners

Clarification For Washington Employers With Tipped Employees